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October 2023 Stock Competition Entries!

Joe Blow

Staff member
28 May 2004
Good morning everyone and welcome to the October 2023 stock tipping competition! :)

Could all qualifying entrants please check their entry and entry price and report any errors to me in this thread.

Keep track of the results here: ASF Stock Competition Leaderboard

Feel free to discuss the competition in this thread as the month progresses.

Hi @Joe Blow

@noirua BUX was in a Trading Halt and picked OKR to replace it. Thanks

BUX was not in a trading halt when it was entered so @noirua's original entry is valid. Entry was on 25 September and trading halt was 29 September. The rule only applies when someone tries to enter a stock that is in a trading halt at the time of entry.
Today's update ........ Not a great start to the October, XSO down -2.34% already.

I noticed in the TradingView chart the % on @basilio WIN doesn't quite marry up with ASF Ladder to the right which is the correct %. It's the way it is, nothing I can do so excuse it being out a fraction.

All tipsters have been allocated their line colors and we only have @noirua BUX to appear on the chart once he buys a share ;).

Screenshot 2023-10-03 171841.png
I can only take heart in the fact TOR is cocked and locked ready for the safety to come off ;)

these stocks I pick have embedded life lessons that reward me in ways that far outweigh any prize money foregone.

Not trying to draw attention, but sorely one of those embedded life lessons is depicted in your current avatar.