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November 2022 Stock Competition Entries!

21 August 2008
End of Week 3 in the November Tipping Competition. Overall a quite week in the market with the XSO down -0.84% but at the same time our ASF Team's average was down -2.66% :eek:.
Not mentioning any names here :rolleyes: but I was shocked to see that high flyer crash during the week which didn't help ;). @MovingAverage TER had a great week, up 26.39% :xyxthumbs.

Nice easy week for the Top 3 with @Ibza EFE 30.30% sitting in 1st Place :xyxthumbs but still has to get through the next 8 trading days as I'm sure there's a few that are going to rally soon.
@sptrawler MCR 19.40% :xyxthumbs had the bejesus scared out of him last month and has put in a better effort and sits in 2nd Place at the moment.
@brerwallabi LNR 17.24% has pulled back a little this week but is nicely positioned in 3rd Place ready for the run home.
Behind them is a pack waiting for their chance :cautious:, it should be interesting.

Below is the visual journey of all entries for the month so far along with the Comp Ladder and the Weekly and Daily movements.

Good luck and don't forget to enjoy your weekend Folks :).

Screenshot 2022-11-18 171530.png
28 August 2021
My only consolation ALY did worse than my CTT
Both did not do well after the intial rocket phase
Good evening qldfrog
There is always next month to look forward to ... But still a little over a week to go in November....
Before we know it a large bloke with a white flowing beard may well call into the qldfrog place of abode ...
If not rcw1 will send the lad around.

Kind regards