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Micro Trading Indices in Australia 1c-10c per Indices point: Does it exist?

20 July 2021
Hi All, I am looking for a broker that allows micro trading in Australia. especially for Indices like the S&P500
By Micro, I mean 10c per point or 1c per point? Does a broker exist? I would like to set up some real time accounts for MT4 Expert Advisors, but don't want to risk $1000's of dollars, even when buying .01 lot with normal brokers it looks to average out at 50c/$1 a point, but I would like 10c/1c a point. Any Advice please?
I've tried XM, as they advertised as micro broker, but apparently it only allows micro on FX Currency pairs.

Anyone set up minimum risk real trading accounts for testing MT4 EA's in real time? What brokers would you recommend?
The accounts would be for testing multiple strategies in real-time, not for big dollar profits, hence the micro accounts.

What broker provides the minimum price per point? or how could I lower the $ risk/commitment with a broker?