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16 June 2004
MBP had a wild run on 5/7/04 from low of 1 to 1.65, with following announcement:

Increasing awareness in US markets in
preparation for 2005.
Yesterday we announced the issuance of a research report from a US-based research
group. The early issuance of the report on the US company’s website came as a surprise
to us and in the circumstances we felt it was appropriate to alert the market to its
existence and provide access to the report. The opinions expressed in the research report
are welcome.
This research report forms part of a strategy to increase awareness in the US markets in
preparation for substantially increased interest in our company if the clinical trial on
AOD9604 is successful. We believe increased US awareness will help us gain maximum
value from positive results and provide us with a strong position to negotiate with
international pharmaceutical companies. Our recent trip to New York, where we
presented to US biotech investors, met with much enthusiasm.
In addition to interacting with firms providing analyst reports on the Company, we are
also working with a New York based technology investment firm and other consultants
who have introduced the company to excellent US contacts, potential investors and
investment banks. Remuneration is in the form of cost reimbursement and the unquoted
MBPAU options granted for investment banking and research publication services
announced in March 2004, having an exercise price of $1.25.
Preparations are currently under way to place the formal documents in order for a
potential NASDAQ listing in 2005 on positive results.
As outlined in our June shareholder update, the Phase 2b trial on AOD9604 is being
conducted in 300 obese adults at five Australian clinical trial sites. Results are still on
schedule to be known and released in November.
About Metabolic
Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Limited is a biotechnology company based in Melbourne,
Australia, and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: MBP). The Company’s
mission is to develop a pipeline of new pharmaceuticals for world markets, and currently
has programs aimed at treating obesity (AOD9604 in Phase 2b human
trials),neuropathic pain (ACV1 in preclinical toxicology), and type 2 diabetes. Further
details are available at
Contact Information:
Ph +61 3 9860 5700
Chris Belyea CEO
David Kenley VP Corporate Development

Since then it fell equally sharply till taday's close of 1.14. Interesterly, it opened lower taday at 1.13,high 1.19, producing a reversal signal-reverted hammer. She'll have chance to go higher if Monday can confirm the reversal.

Safe trading

Re: MBP gets the potential!


MBP was trading sideway at around $0.90 mark for a long time, even though the hammer signal shown at around $1.10 I am still a bit worry there because of $0.20 different which is equivalent to about 20%.
Re: MBP gets the potential!

I will definitely be watching this one over the coming week.

Rich did a great job of picking SGW a few weeks ago at under $2.50

I hope he's right with this one also.
Re: MBP gets the potential!

MBP got life today after 4 day's sideline. She opened 1.12, high 1.22 and closed at 1.21 with above avarage volumn of 1.5m. She should rise from now on. I post intraday chart here, and later, I'll post EOD chart for further analysis.

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Re: MBP gets the potential!

Sorry, havn't loaded the chart, try another time here:
Re: MBP gets the potential!

Now, let's have look the daily chart of MBP. A big white candle today just confirmed the reversal and she is looking promising with 1st target 1.51 of last year high(26/8/03) and 1.65 may reach. Any comments is most welcome, which is tis forum for. I do hope there will be more people to post to discuss particular stocks and analyse any possible outcome. In the end, trading is just art not SCIENCE, and using the most powerful weapon-stop-loss, you could achieve the ideal outcome and win more with less loss.

Happy trading
MBP Down

My portfolios are having a bit of a red day all around, but does anyone have any idea why MBP is currently sitting at over 13% down? I can't see any announcements or news items about it.

Fortunately PTD is saving the day on that portfolio right now :D.

Long shot .... the character of this stock has settled. Although in no way signalling a BUY I've added it to my watchlist ...

If 40 can hold perhaps this might make a move this side of XMAS


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I've picked this share for the competiton this month,but in all honesty the price is cheap for me to consider buying another slice of this cake(no pun intended). Presently the news from MBP is all positve.It's just the time killing wait for results on their experiments etc etc etc ,a sleeper for the time being a BIG YES ,but I reckon the potential in this company outweights the current price. Contemplate a super bargain at .385 cents thats what I have been looking at closely ,wishful thinking no doubt !!!!!
40 does look like it's going to hold at this point. I'm not one to buy and hold so I will need to see this stock show it's potential before I enter. As usual the very best breakout stocks signal by a BIG WHITE into NEW AIR on relatively heavy volume.

In the past this one has signalled its intent very clearly when the fast moves have materialised. I could do with a quick (week) 100 - 250% about now!
I can hear what you guys are saying, but the Biotechs and Pharmacueticals are way out of favour with traders at the moment.
A lot of people (including me!) have been burnt by MBP and others such as NRT, PSD, VCR etc etc.
Unless you have inside info of an impending announcement, you could be waiting a long time to see any significant improvement in the MBP share price. I have been following MBP for a long while and although they would appear to have a great deal of potential, I see no reason why this one will budge from the 40c mark in the short term.
Unfortunately, good news from these companies is few and far between, simply by nature of what they do. Clinical trials and drug approvals take years to complete and therefore the commercial viability of their product is not really known. Real pie in the sky stuff.
Sure you might get lucky in the long term, but be prepared to get disappointed if you are trying to make a quick buck.
Do your research.....
Not sure, I have been along term holder of MBP and it is good to see some positive movement.
It maybe that we are getting closer to a result.
parisrory said:
Over 15% today, no results due until March 07, any ideas why?

..........I think no side effects etc etc are a plus......Mind you there might be side affects when the share hits the weighting scales next march! happy reading .......Read on :

ASX Announcement ASX code: MBP
Metabolic’s obesity trial update: First 100 subjects
complete the Phase 2B trial of AOD9604
• The first 100 subjects have now completed the Phase 2B OPTIONS Study including
24 weeks of daily oral dosing of obesity drug, AOD9604
• The last subject will complete the trial ahead of schedule in December 2006 with
results expected to be announced in March 2007
Melbourne, 5 October 2006: Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Limited (Metabolic) announced today that the
first 100 subjects have completed the Phase 2B OPTIONS Study for obesity drug, AOD9604. The
OPTIONS Study is designed to assess weight loss at lower doses of AOD9604 than previously tested.
The OPTIONS Study reached full recruitment with 536 subjects ahead of schedule in late April this
year and as a result, the study will also finish ahead of schedule, in December 2006. The OPTIONS
Study includes 24 weeks of randomised double-blind drug or placebo treatment, with the primary
endpoint of weight loss at 12 weeks. More than 100 subjects have already completed the full 32-week
protocol, and all remaining subjects will have completed the trial in December 2006. Metabolic expects
to announce the results of the study in March 2007, once the database is finalised, the blind is lifted
and the data analysed.
Dr Roland Scollay, CEO of Metabolic, commented “we are very pleased with the clinical progress of
our obesity drug. AOD9604 has shown no negative side effects in studies completed so far and is the
only obesity drug in advanced development with a primarily metabolic mode of action. Furthermore,
the previous study showed no evidence of the post-treatment weight rebound that is typical of other
weight loss drugs. The potential commercial benefits of these competitive advantages are significant”.
Background to AOD9604 and obesity
AOD9604 is an orally active, 16-amino acid, peptide drug, based on a fragment of human Growth
Hormone (hGH).
AOD9604 has undergone numerous safety and tolerability checks through human clinical trials, and
a previous Phase 2 efficacy trial demonstrated a very competitive 2kg weight loss more than
placebo over a 12 week period, as well as other benefits such as improved cholesterol profile.
The drug’s competitive advantages are its good safety and side effect profile and its novel
mechanism of action - AOD9604 addresses metabolism (fat burning) rather than acting as an
appetite suppressant.
The current global market for prescription obesity drugs is estimated at approximately
US$1 billion a year with very high growth forecast, estimated to reach US$10-30 billion a year if
safe and effective weight loss drugs become available.
Previous announcements regarding this trial, made on 18 October 2005, 23 January 2006,
2 May 2006 and 19 July 2006 are available at following the tabs to Investor
Relations. The complete trial design is included in the appendix to this announcement.
- ENDS -
Page 2 of 3
Appendix: the OPTIONS Study trial design
Number of subjects: 536 subjects enrolled, approximately equal number of men and women
Subject selection criteria: BMI* (Body Mass Index) 30-45 kg/m2;
Age 18-65 years; and
A waist circumference of more than 102 cm for males and 95 cm for
females, in otherwise healthy subjects.
Expected completion date: Last subject will complete the study in December 2006, results
expected in March 2007
Blinding status: Double-blinded (neither treating doctor, nor subject, nor Metabolic
knows whether the subject is receiving drug or placebo)
Placebo controlled: Yes (one group receives only placebo – a tablet that looks the same as
AOD9604 but has no drug content)
Treatment route: Oral (tablets)
Treatment frequency: Once per day
Dose level: Dose groups of 0, 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mg
(the 0 group is the placebo group)
Primary end points: Weight loss over 12 weeks of treatment for any one of three daily
AOD9604 oral doses of 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and 1 mg compared to
placebo; and
Safety and tolerability.
Secondary end points: Weight loss over 24 weeks of treatment;
Comparison of the effects of the three different dose levels;
Waistline reduction over 24 weeks of treatment;
Body fat reduction assessed by whole body scans; and
Improvement in risk factors such as glucose control and lipid profiles
over 24 weeks of treatment.
Trial sites: 16 clinical trial sites throughout Australia
Contract Research Organisation: Kendle Pty Limited
Page 3 of 3
About Metabolic
Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX: MBP, NASDAQ OTC: MBLPY) is a Melbourne based, ASX listed biotechnology company with 285 million
shares on issue. The Company employs 24 staff and is led by an experienced and proven management team. Metabolic’s main focus is to take
innovative drugs, with large market potential, through formal preclinical and clinical development. Metabolic’s expertise in drug development has
resulted in two high value drugs in advanced human clinical development, namely:
- AOD9604 - an obesity drug currently in a Phase 2B trial with results expected in March 2007;
- AOD9604 - additional use in osteoporosis with a Phase 2 trial expected to commence in 2007; and
- ACV1 - a neuropathic pain drug currently in Phase 2A trials.
These drugs address multi-billion dollar markets which are poorly served by existing treatments. In addition to its lead drugs, Metabolic has an exciting
research pipeline with drugs targeting type 2 diabetes (ADD) and nerve regeneration (NRPs). Metabolic is also developing a platform to enable oral
delivery of existing injected peptide drugs, a technology which has already shown proof-of-concept. This has high potential for use by other companies
developing peptide drugs and could foster multiple out-licensing deals.
Metabolic plans to license its lead drugs to a global partner following Phase 2 trials and will continue to utilise its clinical development expertise to drive
future company growth and profits
For more information, please visit the company’s website at
Background information on the drug development process
The steps required before a drug candidate is commercialised include:
1. Discovery or invention, then filing a patent application in Australia and worldwide;
2. Pre-clinical testing, laboratory and chemical process development and formulation studies;
3. Controlled human clinical trials to establish the safety and efficacy of the drug for its intended use;
4. Regulatory approval from the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) in Australia, the FDA in the USA and other agencies throughout
the world; and
5. Marketing and sales.
The testing and approval process requires substantial time, effort, and financial resources and we cannot be certain that any approvals for any of our
products will be granted on a timely basis, if at all.
Human clinical trials are typically conducted in three sequential phases which may overlap:
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Initial safety study in healthy
human subjects or patients.
Phase 1 trials usually run for a
short duration.
Studies in a limited patient population designed to:
- identify possible adverse effects and safety risks in the
patient population (2A);
- determine the efficacy of the product for specific
targeted diseases (2B); and
- determine tolerance and optimal dosage (2B).
Trials undertaken to further evaluate dosage
and clinical efficacy and to further test for
safety in an expanded patient population in
clinical study sites throughout major target
markets (e.g. USA, Europe and Australia).
Contact Information
Roland Scollay
Chief Executive Officer
T: +61-3-9860-5700
Peter Dawson
Chief Financial Officer
T: +61-3-9860-5700
Diana Attana
Assistant Company Secretary/IRO
T: +61-3-9860-5700
This company should be sitting pretty in the long term look. I think it has a big future with the worst of its stock price behind it.
A big future player and a worth while punt and a stock that will pay well in the future.
i think it has hit its rock bottoom (if any luck!!!!)
vicb said:
This company should be sitting pretty in the long term look. I think it has a big future with the worst of its stock price behind it.
A big future player and a worth while punt and a stock that will pay well in the future.
i think it has hit its rock bottoom (if any luck!!!!)

There many people like yourself that are perched on the fence waiting for possibly feb/07 ....interesting period ,& for those who have to break open their piggy banks come march 07.
Just imagine how the junk food market,will embrace MBP....all of a sudden Mackers might be healthy due to MBP ,why jog -fitness centers will close down, sport will be a bygone era,its sounds so Orwellian :eek:
This signlaled at the end of last week

I'm buying this morning


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Dutchy I bought a wheelbarrow load last week.....Come next year 2007 this share might go like BTA did when it reached $9 marks. Mind you i'm not touting that will happen but it has the same scales of acheivement. This share will drop back I'm sureof it ,but to buy at 39 cents forget it! Happy snapper hunting just reel them in.
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