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January 2023 Stock Competition Entries!

congratulations to the winner ( and those place-getters who kept it exciting right up to the end of the competition )

i was hoping to finish at least break-even ( zero ) but it was not to be

good luck everyone in February
would Icon Energy have gotten over the 1 cent starting line , back on Jan. 1 st

however other competitors will delight that NONE of those stocks are on my watch-list(s )
It's just a quick scan Divs to see what we missed. I put in a minimum of 0.015 cents so if it went up 50% from 0.01 cent it would be 0.015.
Naturally you would need to check through the list to see if it would have qualified ...... to make sure it was 1 cent or over at start, to make sure it wasn't in a trading halt and so on.
A quick rough scan but good enough to review some stocks that outperformed us.
just the same it was very unlikely that i would have selected any of those shares ( in the comp. )

so it's all academic

Not a bad effort, I finished 4th after a disastrous last day..but where is my bro ??? :)
Hey, bro! Sorry to vanish for the last week, it was a big one. Driving through floods then smashing a bull with the car, some inappropriate-for-forum-discusson events, and being flat out with work kept me away. Missed the end of the competition (well done on finishing well ahead of me after some time in a tit for tat battle) and missed on entering February, and my pick had a massive rally right after January ended (all smiles here though since I have all my money parked there).

But, I must say, next time you comprehensively beat me, focus on the others as well so you actually take a prize-winning position! ;) My dropping the voodoo doll clearly helped you but you didn't properly take advantage of the opportunity.

Congratulations to the placeholders!