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Interactive Brokers (IB) Cash Transactions Report

25 July 2016
I have used IB many years ago. I have now opened a new account for investing in US stocks(not trading). I want the get a report that basically looks like a bank statement for the cash account monthly. I have tried a few things with statements/flex queries but not that simple. Does anyone know how to do this?
Any help appreciated. Thanks
I don't think that what you're after is possible. This is what I do:

Download the Monthly Activity Statement, usually available about one week after the end of the month. If you require the report sooner, customise the Activity Statement dates for the particular month.

Each Activity Statement, whether it be daily or monthly, includes a Cash Report. This gives you a summary of all transactions for the period, as well as opening and closing balances.

You should then be able to match amounts from the other parts of the Activity Statement (namely the Trades section) to the summary on the Cash Report. The Fees and Interest sections will also apply, too, and possibly others.

I do all of this daily in the form of a spreadsheet. It takes me 5 to 10 minutes per day, not that long really. You can do this monthly if you wish.

Thanks KevinBB. Kind of what I thought. A bit frustrating, seems like a basic thing the get a statement with all cash transactions listed. Might keep investing Flex Reports.
Okay, I found this file titled reportingguide.pdf It is 532 pages describing all reporting.
You can actually easily get a cash transaction report. See page 204.