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Infant to Trading... pt 2

10 April 2020
Hello traders! Some of you may remember, but I started a thread called “Infant to trading” back in April during lockdown :D

Since then, I have been playing a couple of cards and my portfolio has grown ~5k to about 9k as of today. Made some stupid moves last few days but I am still sitting around where I want to be.

If someone were to ask me “how did you do it”, it doesnt sit well with me as I would probably answer: “Just got lucky”. I was confident with only a few of the trades I made and the rest I got really lucky.

I closed all my positions over the last 2-3 weeks because I didnt want to be the trader that I have been up until now. I lost a few hundred bucks while I was closing.

Where should I start looking to find more shares to buy? I found that news isnt the best catalyst I want to rely on. Do people still go scavenging mutual funds and see what products they are holding?

My contract at work has been renewed and comes along with a hefty raise. I used to be paid 1.3k a week now Im making around 3k on a good week, as low as 2k a week. I wanted to start fresh with a larger capital and was wondering if anyone was willing to provide some insight into how they look for stocks to trade (.e.g using scanners and setting up parameters to pinch out a few here and there)

Thank you in advance!