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IIND - BetaShares India Quality ETF

20 July 2021
i filled an ( initial ) order in these today

Management Cost 0.72%

Total Holdings 30 Portfolio Turnover 24.90%

Top 10 Holdings

INFYInfosys Ltd8.90%
TCSTata Consultancy Services Ltd7.54%
KOTAKBANKKotak Mahindra Bank Ltd5.75%
500696Hindustan Unilever Ltd5.74%

RELIANCEReliance Industries Ltd5.04%
532215Axis Bank Ltd4.06%
HDFCHousing Development Finance Corp Ltd3.33%
532755Tech Mahindra Ltd3.23%
500096Dabur India Ltd3.18%

i guess some members will choke on the management fee , but i wanted more exposure to India ( more than the current exposure via EAI and ASIA , both of which i am still watching to add more of )

i see India as a good place for future growth ( but it could be a long and twisting path )



India won't put to much faith in that because Australia will try to use that to put a wedge in between the slowly healing India-China relationship

if we had of been really smart we would have been rushing over to help Sri Lanka , currently

the fact the deal took a decade is a hint to their complexity

but as a ( difficult ) place to get exposure to India has a lot of promise
it seemed so for me , i am after a reasonably modest focus to India

i would also like more exposure to Korea ( at a decent price ) betting the two Koreas will eventually reunite ( now YES i expect it to be a long and painful process , financially , think post-Berlin War in Germany ) but has a potential for growth longer term ( should they manage to reunite ) ( so far my exposure is limited to Asian focused ETFs and LICs )

being a person over 60 i am looking for markets that are BEING to mature ( no longer emerging but still having solid growth potential )

for high risk folks , Taiwan is an interesting target , China MIGHT be more interested in incorporating Taiwan , as a larger version of Hong Kong ( semi-autonomous and infrastructure and industry basically intact ) i can't see how turning Taiwan into submissive dust , is in China's best interest

( but that is a bet i am unwilling to put money on )
Get it india

time will tell if i have picked correctly , by the way there is a rival ETF , NDIA

( i also hold ASIA , EAI , PAI for their Asia exposure , preferably ex Japan )