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Ideas for 1yr low capital low risk/return investment

Discussion in 'Business, Investment and Economics' started by magnets, Oct 10, 2017.


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  1. magnets


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    Nov 11, 2008
    Hello everyone,
    Last time i was on this forum was a looong time ago.
    I need some investment advice. Having read the thread on financial planners i'm even more worried than i was before about getting independent advice.

    If you have the time, i'd love to know what you'd do in our situation:

    We have
    - no personal mortgage
    - a combined income of around $150K
    - $1.4m property that we want to knock down and rebuild.
    - a $200k investment mortgage with $100k in cash (offset account 'earning' 4.2%) and $100k in ASX50 shares. (We've had the shares for two years and they've done bugger all (about 3%CG plus some dividends)
    - a company trust for tax purposes (it owns the shares).
    - a capital gains loss carried forward each tax year of $70K

    We aren't quite ready to build yet, it will be another year before we start spending large amounts on architects and DA's etc.

    What would you do with the investment capital?

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