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On June 1st, 2017, Waratah Resources Limited (WGO) changed its name and ASX code to Mobecom Limited (MBM).
there's a cryptic note where "Mobecom Ltd Announces Reversal Of Aircrypto Transaction"

and what is MBM?
Mobecom Limited (ASX:MBM) is a full-stack customer engagement technology provider that delivers end-to-end technology solutions for businesses to engage with their customers. Its primary focus is providing liquidity for digital assets through its newly developed Mosaic Enterprise Engagement Platform. With mobile payment, ordering, booking and local offer capability; the Mosaic EEP will be the gateway to delivering a new digital lifestyle rewards program.
FY 2020 highlights
• 7% reduction in revenues from ordinary activities despite COVID impact and exiting all Crypto related businesses
• Gross margins up by 8%
• Recurring SaaS revenue continues to grow
• Employee expense down over 60%
• Loss down over 65%, net of impairment

revenue down, impairments up, loss continuing. Pass.
On May 18th, 2021, Mobecom Limited (MBM) changed its name and ASX code to Gratifi Limited (GTI).
Is the writing on the wall for this crowd? Hardly auspicious in their new incarnation. From Nov AGM.

  • Talented people 56
  • Enterprise customers 85+
  • FY22 Annual turnover (audited) $17.8M
  • Offices around the World 6

  • Share Price $0.019 (now 1.5c)
  • Shares on Issue1,000m
  • Market Capitalisation $19.0m

A blend of best-in-class loyalty brands.
Delivering the best loyalty technology for a smarter, faster customer experience, combined with unique curated rewards at a remarkable value point, delivered by an experienced managed services team with proven marketing prowess. Together, we deliver results you’ll love