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Grand Pacific Trade

Well, consider the following facts:

1. The domain name was registered six months ago.
2. There is no licensing information on the website - it is not licensed in any jurisdiction
3. There is no contact information anywhere on the website aside from an email address - no apparent physical address or phone number
4. On the Home Page there is an image of a very large boat with a helicopter on it.

On the basis of those facts alone, I would avoid this company. You may reach a different conclusion.
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Hello to @Jezwanko with your first post asking about a questionable operator as have many others trying to promote them have done here and other sites. I hope I am not doing you a disservice , but this happens often.
In addition to the comments from others above, this extract from the Scam Broker Investigator website may be of interest:

Is Grand Pacific Trade Legit?​

No, Grand Pacific Trade is not licensed or regulated by any of the reputable government regulators. Apparently they are also targeting clients in Sweden, and the Swedish regulator FI warned investors to stay away.

They are officially located in Saint Vincent & Grenadines, with a contact phone number of: +611800961550. Official website:

When the Scam Broker Investigator reviews a new Forex or Crypto broker to determine if they are legit or a scam, we first look for a valid brokers license. In recent months, we have seen many scam unlicensed brokers, disappear and go out of business. The best brokers are always licensed by ASIC Australia, the FCA in England or your local governments financial regulator.

We should thank @Jezwanko for warning us about these possible shonks even if that may not have been his/her intention.