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GOR - Gold Road Resources

Nice timing re starting this thread with at one stage yesterday a 25% rise before it fell later in the day.

I came across this stock a few weeks back and basic research showed this to have tremendous potential. I bought immediately on it's low (27c), and will hold at least till it's JORC comes out this month.

How about the news release yesterday - results up to 1kg/t!

I note that Gavin Wendt had a buy on this at 38c.

So thanks for starting this thread and while I know there are many many stocks covered on this great site, it is surprising that a stock like this with sooooo much obvious potential tends to be over looked. A bit like ALD where I have posted some replies but have only one other member interested.

All the best
Well I bought shares yesterday on what I thought was very good prospects of a new high grade gold field and producer in infancy. Fear today with Middle East unrest pushing oil up again and 'investors' selling off in the States last night has seen a drop back in yesterdays gains with GOR.
Mind you I' ll drop the thing if the sell off gets stupid.

Do you have source of Gavin Wendt's write up?
Hi wysiwyg, The article was probably from minelife. Wasn`t aware of the article until it was mentioned above.

Gold Road Limited (GOR) - Buy @ 38c.

An exciting gold explorer that is generating high grade drilling resultsfrom its Yamarna Project in W.A. Currently hosting a JORC resource of 917,000 oz, an upgrade will be made in Q1 2011.

Page 6 of this link elaborates.

If you click on the `sample weekly`, you`ll find it. Hope this helps.

Picked this in the comp this monthso we`ll see how it flies. Dont hold. Bf
Gavin's minelife article is on the Gold Road web site along with other media and research reports.

The sell off today would appear an opportunity for traders to take profits against a mkt fall due to the fall on Wall street. The sell off then no doubt spooked other holders to sell.

Those same traders will then re buy into the afternoon, which should see the price back up to around yesterday's close of 35 cents.

The business section of the Australian (compulsory morning reading), carried a link this morning to Gold Road's audio broadcast, so it is certainly attracting greater attention.
Gavin's minelife article is on the Gold Road web site along with other media and research reports.
The write up by Ford and Jones is a fair assessment too. Looking ahead a little I wonder what the general expectation of gold ounce estimate at this stage of exploration will be. More than 250k and less than 1000k.
Any sell off is those taking profits who bought in sub 10c (which was not that long ago) - I think there are a few who didn't take profits at 55c who are a bit spooked and selling off now. Personally, I think they are crazy with a JORC about to be released - and the good results keep on coming in. I am holding this til production - incredible potential.
Strong demand days and then lay days with lower volume so correct me if wrong but this indicates accumulation. I anticipated a peak for Au but all time high was broken again yesterday. Maybe 1500 will see resistance. Anyways a long term uptrend can only be good for any goldy.


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Read the paydirt presentation released today a lot of great information in it.

I meant watch the presentation as it is a brr movie from the paydirt conference in late March. Regardless it is enlightening.
Here we are in May and I was wondering what the present general consensus is on Gold Road. The metal price could go anywhere that is one thing, however it is the development of the company over the coming months,the real quality of the management and so on that really interests me from an investment point of view. Living almost as far away as it is possible to get it is really difficult to get a true 'feel' of the overall sentiment.
Many thanks.
There should be a lot of drilling news coming out starting with the first Hann results.

I imagine the market is waiting for these results.

I am hoping the results will continue on from the good results at Central Bore and Justinian.

They are also doing more drilling at Atilla this year and think it may be much bigger than the current 900,000oz resource.

There is a lot of information in their latest reports.
Now that the CR is over, new life has surfaced here.

weekly 09-02-2012 9-57-59 AM.png
Weekly chart for 2 years.

If POG stays strong and we see a decent return to riskier stocks then GOR is sitting in a very attractive spot right now and could offer around 40% upside. If things do not go as planned then it may get refused at 45c and come back. Worth watching at this stage anyway...ABU is the other explorer with decent ground who hasn't moved much even with some solid trenching results.
Not much action and new results now out.

Looks pretty regular.

gor results.png

Unless I am missing something here.
like to buy this starting .255's down to .235's .......if aud can hit sub parity all downside bets are off .....unlikely to get any external signal of a turnaround either......same for stocks like many cheap-getting-cheaper ......nice