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FX part time trader moving to ASX - Several Questions

6 April 2019
Hi All,

I sincerely apologise if the following has been answered before, however, I truly respect the users in this forum and your guidance is very much appreciated.

I started trading FX in 2012 and I only became profitable in the last 12 to 18 months. I was a technical analysis based trader, who has recently added fundamentals and news to my analysis. I was more of a intraday/swing based trader in FX.

I find more enjoyment from researching Aus shares. I have built some capital and have around 40 to 50k to use. I am looking at still trading intraday to swing as I now have more time when our markets are open here in aus. Although I was finally profitable with FX, I did not enjoy trading those markets. I find it hard to motivate myself. I do and always have enjoyed the share/stock market but never traded such instruments. I did some manual testing (I know its not best - curve fitting etc) BUT I find my % growth to be higher than FX. So it seems logical from a mental and practical POV to switch.

I was looking at USA markets however, I would prefer ASX. The PDT rule would not affect me but the time zones do.

Could I seek some guidance from the collective here? Questions below:

1. I use Trading View because Market Profile forms part of my analysis. Does anyone know of a Aus broker for ASX who offers a platform with Vol Profile and a user-friendly DOM to interpret? ( I was looking at iguana2 spark however the charts dont seem to have drawing or Vol profile (they have a great orderbook display though).

2. Im happy to just keep using tradingview, if there are no solutions to my first question. If this is the case, any ideas of a ASX broker who is cost-effective with an API or trading view integration? If not, just a good broker for ASX with my analysis on trading view will suffice.

3. What is the best scanner for ASX for volatility, and can you help me find a solution for all news/fundies for ASX stocks? I am fine with Macroeconomic analysis, but rather company specific or industry-specific catalysts?

4. Is there anything else I should consider moving from FX to ASX trading?

5. Finally, if there are considerations I need to resolve, could anyone recommend an educator for this (if needed).

Thanks so much.



I'll be back!
28 July 2004
Hi ozitrader, unfortunately I'm unable to assist you with your queries as I'm not an active short term trader and don't use Trading View.

However, I'm sure there will be someone along shortly who can help you with this. Things can get a bit slow here on the weekend.

Best of luck in your transition from forex to ASX trading. :xyxthumbs