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Full CY 2024 Stock Tipping Competition

Hi Sean .... yes nearly everyone has updated their stock selections so a big thank you to all once again.
Only @access with his 4 and @basilio with only 1 (APA) but they'll be along shortly.

I do have to head out for dinner in about 30 minutes so I won't have time to update the spreadsheet with prices and resort them in order until I get home later tonight.
Someone wake up @access
Middle of June Update ...... XAO is up 1.86% for the year so far but this month has seen the majority have a bit of a pullback in their portfolios. Only 3 out of the 25 (12%) have had an increase so far this month. :(

@UMike is still in the top spot up 72.7% :xyxthumbs, well clear of @Smurf1976 up 33% in second place :xyxthumbs. @Dona Ferentes up 22.5% climbed up the ladder into 3rd place even with losing -3% so far this month. :xyxthumbs

Good movers this Month so far: @Ferret up 3.03% - @IvoryWolf up 2.08% ... and ... and ... OMG, we're not going to hear the end of this .... @farmerge up 0.82% which moves him up the ladder 1 rung. ;):roflmao:

Not so Good this Month so far: @houtman -18.95% ... @Miner -12.77% ... @brerwallabi -9.66% ... @frugal.rock -9.82% ... @Sean K -8.89%
The Best 4 for 2023 added 2.88% to be up 20.8% for this year so far, meanwhile The 4 Dogs in 2023 fell -10.65% to be down -26-9% so far this year. Stay with the trend!

No all greens and only 1 all reds (@basilio)

Thanks for the Company updates, I haven't check them all but will do with time.

Nearly half way update ..... XAO up 2.69% at the moment.

I'll be working through all the company threads a few times this week to pick up all posts to make sure I'm ready for the end of the month.
Thanks for those that have already posted and I will pick up the ones I've missed.

End of June update for the 2024 C/Y Tipping Comp. At the half way mark the XAO is up 2.35%. We have 17 portfolios (68%) doing better than the XAO at this stage of the Competition.

Many thanks to everyone for your Company Updates, much appreciated.

A quick look at what areas of the market where the money has flowed into so far this year? Interesting!

Now to the results at the moment.

@UMike 69% is still a clear leader at the moment with @Smurf1976 32.6% in second place with @Dona Ferentes 30.5% just behind in third place.

Who had the best Month? ..... @IvoryWolf 16.39% by a good margin :xyxthumbs followed by ...... @farmerge 7.95% ..... @Als2own 7.47% ....... @Ferret 7.10% ..... @Knobby22 4.89% ....... @rcw1 4.80%

What Stocks stood out this month: STX 40% @IvoryWolf - @farmerge - @rcw1 ............ SPR 31.3% @IvoryWolf ........... EXP 30.8% @Knobby22 ............. HAS 27.3% @barney