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Free Speech... and pr0n

Don't know about what books are in schools these days, but there is a difference between "education" and violent pawnography with exploitation that apparently is available on the Internet.
Well I suppose at a stretch you could call teachng seven-year-olds how to have 4n4l 53x, "education". But one shouldn't be surprised if kids eventually want to consume depictions of such.
The books they are giving kids.
There are complaints about it right across all of the social medias, but here is this one article from the good old US of A.

Well just listening to friends and acquaintances who have kids and grandkids around the same age as mine, all are complaining loudly about the education system and the positive re enforcement of sexuality and now acknowledgement of country.
This whole social engineering agenda, appears to be having exactly the opposite outcome than was intended, the world is moving on from telling people what they have to believe.
With the internet there is just too much access to information, whether it is right or wrong, the majority are staring to question the motive of the narrative which isn't good, as it could end badly.
One said his son complained to the private school that his kids shouldn't have to listen to acknowledgement of country, another pulled his daughter out of a primary school because of gender discussions in grade 1 and these are just everyday blue collar working families.
Interesting times, the social divide seems to be re opening IMO and the voice may actually cement society into showing they can say no.
Unintended consequences? time will tell.