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February Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

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Joe Blow

Staff member
28 May 2004
Good morning everyone and welcome to the February 2022 stock tipping competition entry thread! :)

Apologies but I am late starting this thread again. I hope this doesn't become a habit! Please get your entries in and save the competition once again.

The February 2022 stock tipping competition is proudly sponsored by OpenTrader, Australia's newest and most advanced retail broker. Trade with the technology that the professionals use!

For those who only trade occasionally, OpenTrader's Investor Wealth platform has no monthly fees, charting, price alerts, conditional orders, unlimited watchlists, live portfolio valuation and access to their proprietary Asset Greed/Fear Index. Brokerage starts from just $5 a trade.

For active traders, OpenTrader's Active Share Trader PRO platform offers unlimited custom dashboards, and award-winning charting technology with 90+ Technical Indicators, heaps of drawing tools and immersive live data. Create custom layouts as you see fit with charting choices driven by OpenTrader's low-latency technology ranging from tick-by-tick data to monthly time horizons. On top of their own proprietary analytics such as the Greed/Fear Index, you get access to market maps, market depth, course of sales and leading market news sources. OpenTrader's Active Share Trader PRO platform is low on clutter and high on value.

All ASF members and visitors who signup with OpenTrader through a link at ASF will get three months free access to their Active Share Trader PRO platform, valued at $297. So please be sure to check them out. Whether you're an active or occasional trader, you'll find them very hard to beat.

A quick recap of the rules for those not familiar with them:

1. Each entrant may choose one ASX listed stock. Options, warrants and deferred settlement shares are not permitted.

2. Stocks with a price of less than $0.01 are ineligible for the competition, as are stocks that are currently suspended from trading.

3. Either before or after posting your entry and before the deadline for entries you must post in the forum thread of the stock you have entered providing either a general update or a view on why you think the share price is going to increase in the short term.

4. The winner is the entrant whose selected stock performs the best in percentage terms between the close of trading on 31 January (entry price) and the close of trading on 28 February.

5. The maximum number of entrants in the competition is 100.

The entry price for all entries is the closing price on the last trading day of this month.

The competition winner will receive $100. The second placegetter will win $50 and the third placegetter $25.

You have until midnight on Monday, 31 January to enter. However, in practice, entries can be submitted until this thread is closed. No entries submitted after that can be accepted for any reason.

Please post your entries in this thread. Remember, once you have selected your stock, you CANNOT change it for any reason.

Best of luck to all entrants! :xyxthumbs

Garpal Gumnut

Ross Island Hotel
2 January 2006
As I seem to have had little luck with charting, FA and geopolitical analysis, it will be a well oiled dart pick for me this month. Thanks again for the competition.

20 July 2021
ALMOST tempted to tip a 'penny stock ' ( i consider a share under $1 to be a penny stock , i know others disagree , but ..)

let's try for MND , thanks joe

Dona Ferentes

11 January 2016
With volatility and markets chopping/ changing 2+% in a day, I consider it prudent to wait until CoB 31 Jan, in other words Monday, before having a punt for the February competition.

No point in locking in something that then could move 5% before the start of the comp. I mean, there are reputations at stake. :)


The Contrarian Averager
31 August 2007
RD1 - Registry Direct

Good little business that is slowly building momentum.

Thanks Joe
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