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February 2024 Stock Competition Entries!

Will need to be a decent drop,
indecently small .... 20 per cent only

And, if you're #2, #3, #4 in the running, chalking up a 3 (or 9) per cent drop isn't going to guarantee a podium place.

just now, most leaders are DOWN

Again , last day 4:10 will decide it .. but until then game is still on.
Congratulations to @craigj , @debtfree , and @basilio for taking out the top three spots in the February 2024 stock tipping competition! :xyxthumbs

Craigj finished in first place with an outstanding 121.43% return with WHK. In second place was debtfree who achieved an impressive 54.66% with EOS. Rounding out the top three for February was basilio who selected TLG, which returned a very respectable 44.63%.

Can @craigj , @debtfree , and @basilio please contact me via PM regarding their prizes.

Best of luck to all in the March competition! :)

Here are the final results for February: