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February 2024 Stock Competition Entries!

@Go Figure, you certainly deserve a screen shot of tonight's close. AND up 30.29% already this week, nice pick. @Craton ACE up 15.05% this week and is on the move.

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The changing leadership pattern, of a new stock in front every day only for it to fall back, may not continue. Unless an aspirant emerges from the pack, AND has received a T/o bid and so is likely to flatline around 36-40 per cent up (or even head higher if an unlikely 2nd offer emerges) .

But you never know
12am ... up and running , first results are in....

enjoy your place in the sun, @Faramir 🌞

Entry price
Change in %

King For A Day, …. hopefully not Fool for a Lifetime 🤣
How did I drop from 1st place in the first few hours to 4th last and still heading down? 🤣🤣. This must be some form of achievement. Maybe we can flip the chart upside down ?? 🤪
I would think that if you're not in the top 20 this evening, being over the halfway hump for the month, it would take a very dark horse to take a podium place.

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