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Jun 27, 2010
East 33's mission is to create Australia’s largest vertically integrated Sydney Rock Oyster producer and supplier and build East 33 into an iconic luxury brand.

East 33 was formed to acquire and operate a portfolio of oyster businesses to be acquired in two stages. The initial portfolio, referred to as the ‘Stage 1 Assets’, was acquired in December 2019 by way of the Stage 1 Acquisitions and consists of:
  • the shares in Mid Coast Exco Pty Ltd ACN 624 589 822 (MCE) from entities related to and controlled by James Garton, Guy Burnett and Mark Nagy (all Directors of East 33) by way of a scrip for scrip rollup;
  • the shares in Hamilton Supervisory Pty Ltd ACN 637 291 706 (which holds the issued share capital in Hamiltons Oysters Ltd Pty Ltd ACN 110 432 150) (Hamiltons Oysters);
  • The oyster assets of Trevor Dent Oysters Pty Limited ACN 069 621 165 (Dent Assets); and
  • An Oyster Lease from Oyster Bay (NSW) Pty Ltd ACN 113 506 700 (Port Stephens Assets).
In essence, the Stage 1 Assets consist of:
  • Export approved facility: an export approved processing facility at Point Road, Tuncurry;
  • Export Licence: an Export Licence;
  • Oyster Leases: 45 hectares of oyster leases located in Wallis Lake and Port Stephens; and
  • Retail operations: the Hamilton Restaurant, Oyster Bar and Marina and a liquor shop and packaged liquor licence in Oatley.
A second stage of acquisitions, referred to as the ‘Stage 2 Acquisitions’ will be acquired as a condition to Listing. As part of this strategy, East 33 has entered into Stage 2 Acquisition Agreements to acquire the following assets (referred to as the ‘Stage 2 Assets’):
  • Browne: 100% of the issued share capital in HR Browne & Sons Pty Ltd ACN 001 531 406 plus land held by related parties (Browne Acquisition);
  • CMB Seafoods: 100% of the issued share capital in CMB Seafoods Pty Ltd ACN 113 595 029 (CMB Acquisition);
  • Verdich: 100% of the issued share capital in MS Verdich & Sons Pty Ltd ACN 003 308 852 (Verdich Acquisition);
  • Sciacca: The assets held by MW & EA Sciacca Pty Ltd ACN 002 520 158 as trustee for the Sciacca Trust (Sciacca Acquisition);
  • Wilson: The assets held by Mr John Wilson (Wilson Acquisition); and
  • Wren: The assets of C.Wren Oysters Pty Ltd ACN 616 477 724 and related parties (Wren Acquisition).
The Stage 2 Assets consist of:
  • Oyster farming assets: 116 hectares of Oyster farming assets in Wallis Lake, Port Stephens and the Manning River – comprising part of the Browne, Verdich, Sciacca, Wren and Wilson Assets; and
  • Distributor and processor: Established oyster distributor and processor – comprising part of the CMB Assets
It is anticipated that E33 will list on the ASX during December 2020.


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