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  1. Skate


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    Dec 28, 2013
    I've been thinking..
    I've had a few messages asking for trading help & trading advice but most questions revolve around the amount of funds they have set aside for trading - varying from $2,000 to $80,000. The most recent question was - "I have $40,000 is that enough to get started?"

    Lets live trade "The BOX Strategy"
    I was thinking this might be a good exercise for the 'Dump it here' thread to live trading a $40,000 portfolio & report weekly of its progress giving others an insight if trading a portfolio of this size would be profitable & viable .

    The BOX Strategy
    I have a spare strategy. "The BOX Strategy" has already been paper traded on this thread with pleasing results. The last thing I want to do is clog up the ‘Dump it here’ thread with reporting another live trading strategy but if enough members are interested I'll go ahead & trade this strategy & report weekly on its progress.

    $40,000 will get you trading
    $40,000 is enough money to get started. Many people never start trading because they’re worried about losing but this shouldn't hold anyone back as you can learn as you go by trading small positions. The very act of getting started is much more important than getting it right. Trading isn’t about getting rich, but more about one day having the financial independence of being able to support yourself without an income.

    Mission Statement
    Aim to make an average of 25% per year trading a small account.

    Question images.jpg
    Does anyone want to see the weekly trading progress of "The BOX Strategy" ? - if yes - hit the "LIKE" button & if there is enough interest I'll post the progress each week.

    This is the proposed strategy

    ASF BOX Strategy Logo.jpg

    The BOX Strategy
    Weekly Strategy (Start Date: On or after 16th September 2019)
    $40,000 Capital
    20 Position Portfolio
    $2,000 Fixed Positions (re-balanced weekly)

    Don't forget to let me know by hitting the 'Like' button, if there is enough "likes" I'll post the weekly progress..

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