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Dona Ferentes

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11 January 2016
like many small cap explorers, if at first there is no success, try and try and reposition to where the action is

Of late, Diatreme maintained its ongoing focus on advancing development activities and mineral exploration within Australia, particularly targeting the Cyclone Zircon Project in Western Australia and, more recently, its emerging Galalar Silica Project in North Queensland.

Our vision is to become a near-term producer of high purity silica sands for use in growing global solar PV and specialty glass markets

• Scoping Study production target derived from 2018 JORC Resource ( @ 30.2m total tonnes as at March 2019)
• Planned further drilling in 2021 to expand and upgrade the size of the existing resource, further define mineable reserves and lower the overall waste to ore ratio for the project.

The sand from the Galalar project is some of the world's purest
• Bulk sample testwork confirms ability to produce premium grade silica product for high end glass & solar panel manufacturing (which demands minimum iron content)
.... High quality silica product. 109 to 700 Microns Particle size distribution
• Positive results from initial metallurgical testwork by industry specialist, Mineral Technologies
• Solar panel manufacturers feed stock requires >99% purity silica with low iron, less than 100ppm iron oxide levels
3 May 2019
more recently, its emerging Galalar Silica Project in North Queensland.
Noticed this one probably from HVBB a week ago, but forgot about it. Have noticed it again today, ("oh, that's that silica stock I saw the other day, I found it again...")
Something about silica being popular due to use in chips, or something? Am a bit discombobulated atm.
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4 April 2020
I have picked DRX for the August monthly comp.

The company announced last month that they had signed "a strategic partnership with global material solutions provider, SCR-Sibelco N.V., with the potential to rapidly progress the development of the Company’s emerging silica sand projects in Far North Queensland. Under the agreement with a subsidiary of the European based company, Sibelco has become a significant shareholder in Diatreme via a $13.97 million strategic placement, representing a 15% shareholding in Diatreme post-raising."

The chart has also continued to rise since the last posting in April. Friday saw a spike in volume and for the sake of the competition, I'm hoping this might propel the share price throughout the month of August.

chartdownload drx.png