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6 February 2013
DRO is my stock tip for the July 2022 comp.

Old news but nothing like a bit of exposure.

DroneShield is pleased to advise that its equipment has been deployed at the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland on 22-26 May 2022.

WEF attracts over 2,500 participants, including world leaders and senior business executives. Swiss Police, which provided the security for the event, has deployed RfPatrol body-worn detection technology for real-time drone awareness against terrorist and privacy threats. At only 1kg and size of a radio, RfPatrol provides a unique capability for mass gathering events for law enforcement personnel.

Dona Ferentes

11 January 2016
DRO is my stock tip for the July 2022 comp.
!! you got there first...!

Whilst the following isn't directly related to DRO, the whole game seems to have changed with open combat utilising drones. Commentary from ISW, 22 June:
" Reinforced Russian air-defense systems in eastern Ukraine are increasingly limiting the effectiveness of Ukrainian drones, undermining a key Ukrainian capability in the war.
Foreign Policy’s Jack Detsch quoted several anonymous Ukrainian officials and military personnel that Ukrainian forces have largely halted the use of Turkish Bayraktar drones, which were used to great effect earlier in the war, due to improvements in Russian air-defense capabilities.[1] Ukrainian officials are reportedly increasingly concerned that US-provided Gray Eagle strike drones will also be shot down by reinforced Russian air defense over the Donbas.[2] Ukrainian forces have reportedly scaled back air operations to 20 to 30 sorties per day and are facing a deficit of available aircraft for active pilots. Russian forces are likely prioritizing deploying air defenses to eastern Ukraine to nullify Ukrainian operations and to protect the artillery systems Russian forces are reliant on to make advances. However, the Ukrainian air force and armed drones remain active elsewhere, inflicting several successful strikes on targets in Kherson Oblast in the last week..."

These drones are the multi-million dollar 'planes without pilots' and sophisticated air defence systems seem to have countered them ; as well, smaller drones are being used to drop munitions onto targets. Both sides are using these. The DroneShield technology seems aimed at smaller drones, one-offs and nuisance value efforts. The Mexico-USA border is a long one!!