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Did Peter plan it all along?????

3 August 2008
I am of course talking about the imminent sucessful challenge to the Liberal Party Leadership.


Why wasn't Turnbull voted into power? He was always a better candidate.

Would taking the leadership after a loss taint the leader as a 'loser'? (As Nelson has been.)

Could a 'nice guy' like Nelson, edge back on Rudd a little before the challenge?

Really, if Costello challenges and wins, the Libs (and Costello) will be in a far better position to win the next election. In fact, he is almost a certainty, with people viewing him as a 'saviour' from our economic woes. (regardless of whether or not he is responsible for them.)
If he did, goes to show his political prowess, hand the poison chalice to Nelson, let the dust settle, launch his memoirs,which will seperate him from the "Howard years" and set his base for opposition leader. He has kept his cards close to his chest causing a media beat-up and would be loving it. Very smart tactiction.
Agreed but he may need to be careful not to overplay his hand.
It has been suggested he will postpone any decision until his book comes out in October. This sort of delay and "keeping everyone guessing" might just go sour.
But then, there's just not a helluva lot of alternative, is there!
Dr Nelson is terminal, especially after his performance in the last week, and Mr Turnbull keeps demonstrating his lack of political wit, making his absolute self interest unbelievably apparent.
I heard he is bringing forward his memoirs, which is adding to speculation.... If you had to bet money on it , you would bet on his return....

Colleagues urge Costello to remain in politics
Posted 5 hours 22 minutes ago

Senior federal Coalition frontbenchers are publicly pleading with former treasurer Peter Costello to stay in politics.

There is renewed speculation Mr Costello will take over the Liberal leadership after Brendan Nelson recently stumbled over the party's climate change policy.

Mr Costello has just returned from holidays and it has been reported he expects to be drafted into the leadership without a challenge.

Senior Liberal Senator Nick Minchin has urged him to return to the frontbench and Liberal MP Tony Abbott has told Sky News he agrees.

"We all wish he would come back, but he has given no indication that he will," he said.

"I suppose we are all publicly saying what a terrific bloke he is, what a fantastic political talent he is, how much we miss him. We love him. We want him."

Headlines ... Abbott REALLY misses Costello ! :rolleyes:
Incidentally, Peter predicted supertough times ahead (whoever was in power) :2twocents

Look out for the tsunami, says Costello
Email Printer friendly version Normal font Large font Jessica Irvine and Peter Hartcher
October 26, 2007
THE Treasurer, Peter Costello, has warned of a "huge tsunami" set to engulf global financial markets, with China as its epicentre, in his strongest bid yet for the Reserve Bank not to raise interest rates next month.

In his first newspaper interview of the campaign, Mr Costello predicted the US economy would weaken in the wake of its subprime mortgage meltdown, and said the breakneck pace of Chinese growth could not continue.

At some stage, likely to coincide with a move to a floating exchange rate, the Chinese economy would unleash even greater instability on global markets than the US had.

"That will be a wild ride when that happens," he said. "That will set off a huge tsunami that will go through world financial markets." .. etc
Yes, they planned it all along ,and we took the bait.:D:D