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December 2022 Stock Competition Entries!

Joe Blow

Staff member
28 May 2004
Good morning everyone and welcome to the December 2022 stock tipping competition! :)

This month there were three entrants who forgot to post in the thread of their stock tip in accordance with the competition rules: @Maelinar, @Telamelo and @UMike. If those entrants post in the thread of their competition entry within the next 48 hours they will be added to the December competition.

Could all qualifying entrants please check their entry and entry price and report any errors to me in this thread.

Keep track of the results here: ASF Stock Competition Leaderboard

Feel free to discuss the competition in this thread as the month progresses.

End of Week 2 in the December Monthly Comp. XSO went down -2.72% and the ASF Team's Average fell nearly twice that, down -5.02% :eek:. Doesn't help when 6 of us had double figure loses, it won't help mentioning their names :rolleyes:.

@rcw1 ARR 10% at the moment is sitting in 1st Place despite what the chart tells us.
@Faramir IBX 9.43% offically is sitting in 2nd Place, I don't know why his % is a little different but Joe's ladder is offical, sorry mate.
@Muchado ADO 7.55% is sitting in 3rd Place.

The visual journey of all entries are below along with the Competition Ladder.

Good luck for next week and don't forget to enjoy your weekend Folks :).

Screenshot 2022-12-09 172729.png