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CY2024 XAO Prediction competition

rule 8. To protect the early tipsters ( to a certain degree), (and in consultation with others) , a gap of 50 points between tips makes a lot of sense, even though it will restrict the number of entries. @debtfree will keep us updated with a spreadsheet every day or so . Hey, big shout out to him!

and Sean, ever the gentleman
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In keeping with the zeitgeist, we should have a CY2024 XAO prediction (= guessing) competition, along the lines of previous years.


1. Entries should be a whole number for the XAO close on the last ASX trading date, being 31 December 2024, and accompanied by 5 words maximum as to your reasoning for the prediction / guess.
2. A first prize of $100 will be offered by me. In the unlikely event of there being a tie, the money will be split 50:50.
3. Entries should be in by midnight Monday 01 Jan 2024 to attract full prize money.
4. Late entries will be accepted until midnight Sunday 07 Jan 2024, but only be eligible for $50 first prize.
5. A maximum of 50 entries will be accepted, on a first come basis.
6. I reserve the right to screen out entrants who utilise the Ignore button excessively.

Good luck to all. ... and keep posting to keep ASF a thriving site for Australian stocks and market related content.
Well not having a clue
I will try for 7660 in the guessing competition.
I did manage 5 words .
I hope you don't mind @Dona Ferentes but I think I know of a few that just might like to have a shot at a bit of cash.

@farmerge I know he loves cash. Let's not forget about @Miner, I don't want him to miss out on this one. Naturally @Telamelo would love to have a crack at this one. I want to see the thoughts of @Faramir on a 12 month time frame. And I would love to see @IvoryWolf thoughts for the end of next year, that would be interesting.

Yes DF, I know it's a bit late if you do mind :laugh:.

Thanks for the invite @debtfree - this is a toughie:

7483 - midpoint range (18th September support)