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Corruption still in Queensland

Nov 8, 2014
Remember this , its the Fitzgerald Inquiry.
Of all the Departments that were found to be Corrupted, The police department were made the Fall Guys and thus placed Queensland as the most Corrupted state.
It is the one's the CMC missed that are in full swing to this very day.

The Department that the CMC missed is the Department of Child Safety. Since then, Queensland has had two Inquiries, The Forde Inquiry ( and the Carmody Inquiry ( I have been a victim to both.
I personally believe the Carmody Inquiry was just a right of passage for Carmody to become a judge, even then it was more about children abuse from parents, not Child safety and as to when Bligh kicked off the Forde Inquiry, she then became minister of Child Safety and then PM.

So why then hasn't any personnels within Child Safety ever made accountable for when a child dies in their care or molested in their care and or abused by Child Safety ?.

What right does anyone has to order a partner to end the relationship ?, when there is zero abuse in that relationship ?, seems Child Safety does and can and will.

The corruption in Child Safety are as follows.
1: Tampering and or Fabrication of documents. this happens more if you are innocent.
2: Lack of or no evidence to support the claims yet will hand in a affidavit to a court, thus committing perjury.
3: The covering up for when a child is murdered in Child Safety care. Ref:
4: The in house favours between workers in Child Safety and the Police. EG: if I went to the police and can prove beyond all doubt that Child Safety have committed perjury, the police will just tell me to go away.
5: Preventing a victim of Child Safety to proceed to a court room so they can Prove that corruption.

As I have mentioned above I have been a Victim to both and trying to obtain Justice is like trying to obtain the fountain of youth.
What lawyers do look at the documents all inform me that I indeed do have a case, but first give me your arm and legs to proceed to court.
I am lead to believe that everyone is equal to the law of the land, as to being able to obtain legal representation when you fall under the poverty line, as to this state claiming to have a fair justice system.
I also Assumed one is to be Innocent until proven guilty ?.
I thought we lived in a country that boost human rights for its citizens ?.
I thought this was the 21st century and not 1695 to where mere words of lies can crucify a human to the stake.
I thought I had rights to be a Human? to obtain justice from people that abuse every fabric of the law to form Corruption to ensure they do not become accountable.

The " no win - no fee's" Who is that real for ?? and Pro Bono is just the same, whos that for ??.

If lawyers can turn their backs to innocents, what hope is there ?.

Where then, does one go ?, to whom does one beg to, to obtain justice ?.

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