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Most liked posts in thread: Copy a trader

  1. pixel

    pixel DIY Trader

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Always ask: Whose benefits are guaranteed? The Broker may gain additional accounts. The Master Trader whom you copy may get a kickback. And you, the copier???

    Why would any trader, if he's any good, allow a group of others to copy his success/ edge in return for a small registration/ license fee?
    I can think of only one reason. Begins with "S" and ends with the first 3 letters of "camera".
  2. minwa


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    Oct 10, 2012
    While there are LOTS of scams out there, I don't see why not a good trader not able to licensed to manage capital wouldn't do it.

    I'd imagine there are lots of driven traders in seccond/third world countries with very limited funding and virtually no chance to access into managing funds world. Don't see why picking up a couple hundred/thousand USD (which is massive buck for them) from subscription fees for their expertise is not a good method (for both parties). In the end they probably don't even have to trade their own money and live very well off subscription fees. They'll never get massive, but still a very good living.

    There are a few funds with some of their systems for subscription on Collective2 site, I think as advertisement for their main funds.