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Conditional Orders Problem at Westpac Online Investing (1 Viewer)

Mar 29, 2015
Anyone else been hit by Trailing Conditional Orders not working as expected on Westpac Online Investing or Commsec?

Westpac have a problem in their system that the info shown in screen reports on trailing orders sometimes doesn't match what the order is actually doing. Like when a trailing sell (stoploss) order was reported as trailing the price but then failed to fire at the price-point because it was not actually trailing- some stoploss strategy that was! Or when a trailing order goes past the indicated price-point but then fires to market at a different price. They have known about problems for some time but not fixed it yet.

Commsec system looks identical and is also provided by AUSIEX so they may have same problem but I don't use them so don't know.

Anyone else been losing out due to these problems?? Or would you know even if you were?

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