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Commsec troubleshooting

NRW (NWH) had their meeting scheduled for 10:30 am today and I'm waiting for their news release on Commsec. Pre-open - nothing. Price tanked hard after the open (-14%) with no news available on Commsec. Then at 10.24am Commsec made the news available and put the time of release at 0924.

I'm pretty sure the news was released at 0924 but it wasn't available on Commsec until 1 hour later. CommSucks!
I've been unable to download any of the EOFY23 pdf statements from Commsec.

Is it just me or do others have the same problem? The individual pdf's are also unavailable.

Thanks for trying. Commsec must be waiting for the final notices from a few companies. Trusts or REITs probably.
Hum, I will confirm but I am nearly sure I was successfully months ago when I did my eofy printout/edocument for tax prep, in July I think.
Will try to check today
I don't know which managed funds, presumably ETFs, are held but in my case the AMIT annual tax statements were available from Vanguard on 3 August.

There is never any need to wait for a third-party to aggregate this data. It's easily available from each provider's share registry and, if setup correctly with the share registry, you should receive an email advising the EOY statements is available. I completed all the tax stuff, including dividends and interest, within 30 minutes after Vanguard provided the AMIT annual tax statements.

Personally, I have never relied on a broker like Commsec for such information.