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Commsec Down

A little birdie told me they're relocating all the pc's and monitors. That's where the issue might have been.
I noticed an issue just now as well, couldn't login. Was OK for a few minutes, now my quote search is timing out?
We’re sorry to announce that CommSec has made the difficult decision to retire the Community platform.

In an ever-evolving digital world, the way investors seek and use information is changing. As Australia’s leading broker, we need to be careful about how we manage any information presented to investors, and we must follow all relevant regulatory obligations. We feel that over moderation of a community would compromise the open and transparent nature of all good communities, which is why we’ve made this difficult decision.

You will have access to the community until 24 July 2021, after which we will be disabling all access.

CommSec Community has been a unique and vibrant part of the CommSec experience since 2013 and we very much appreciate your valued contributions.
This type of sh*t Only Happens When you have TWO (2) Captains at the Helm on any Sized Ship

I do not Understand?
How on Earth can we have (2) ASX's
This is like 2 WOKE's running 2 ASX Data Information Centres for ONE (1)

Two Captains has been tried at Sea for centuries and it has never ever been successful

Is there 2 Captains at the Helm on

If I had my way I would throw all WOKES Overboard and would't look back
And "That is In Any Field"
"Their Minds have been COOKED" IMO

Try Buying a Gollywog for your Grand -children nowadays

They would probably object to my dog Brando's Outfit, too
Captain Chaza.jpg
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