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CNEW - VanEck Vectors China New Economy ETF


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19 July 2006

ETF launch an Australian first
Eliot Hastie
25 October 2018

A new ETF will list on the ASX in November enabling investors to access Chinese shares in what is being called an Australian first.

The VanEck Vectors China New Economy ETF will list on the ASX later this year and enable Australian investors to access a diversified portfolio of profitable and fast-growing China A-shares via a single trade on the ASX.

VanEck is one of a few Australian asset managers to be granted a RQFII license to invest in China-A shares directly and its ETF will be the first in Australia.

The fund, CNEW, will track the CSI MarketGrader China New Economy Index which is a smart beta strategy that targets Chinese companies in the consumer discretionary, staples, healthcare and technology sectors.

VanEck managing director and head of Asia Pacific Arian Neiron said traditionally Chinese economic growth came from agriculture but that was changing.

“China’s economy is undergoing a profound transformation. Company profits and growth are being fuelled by the consumer staples, consumer discretionary, technology and healthcare sectors, which comprise the ‘New Economy’,” said Mr Neiron.

Therefore VanEck’s fund focused on the new economy said Mr Neiron and the company was uniquely positioned to offer the investment to Australians.

“Our RQFII licence gives us the ability to directly invest in China A-shares and gain a broader exposure to the Chinese economy and we are one of only a few local fund managers that can do this. CNEW is an Australian ETF industry first and with one trade on ASX, investors can access companies driving growth in China’s New Economy,” said Mr Neiron.
Still around. As much an exposure to consumption stocks; food n beverage, healthcare and IT as, interestingly, they define "new economy” as being growth sectors. Exposure to about 120 companies.

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