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CLNE - VanEck Global Clean Energy ETF

Dona Ferentes

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11 January 2016
This ETF was first launched on the ASX in March 2021 at $10 entry point. Currently trading at $11.50 and has only recently clawed its way above the start level. Market cap is around $100million.

Some comment in the media on Clean Energy ETFs highlights some aspects of the sector
Renewable energy ETFs are a useful addition to the thematic ETF landscape in Australia. This market has few large cap renewable stocks or specialist renewable energy managed funds. Clean energy ETFs provide simple, low cost exposure to this trend. There are four clean energy ETFs on the ASX: the VanEck Global Clean Energy ETF, BetaShares Climate Change Innovators ETF, ETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETF; and ETFS Hydrogen ETF.
Of those, the VanEck ETF provides the purest exposure to renewable technology through its 30 stock holdings. The BetaShares ETF holds 100 stocks that tend to be larger and across more sectors than the VanEck ETF.
Get the month wrong to commit some hard-earned, and an investor could be down 20% within a short period of time.... I thought ETFs were meant to smooth returns

....also there has been a marked drop-off of funds flowing in, for both CLNE and ERTH, for most of 2022. Slowed to a crawl.

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