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China: As it is

Jun 30, 2008
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It is interesting to consider our views of China. I suppose we all recognise it is an authoritarian state BUT they are our biggest trading partner, they do send a truck load of tourists, students and home buyers to us and frankly, most investors aren't that fussed about the ethics of the places they make profits in.

So we have basically accepted the line of a largely benign if-a-bit-authoritarian neighbour.

Australian Story tonight presents the views and experience of a young Chinese girl who has gone from devoted party follower to kick asx critic. Its a bit of a challenge .

Thoughts ?

From 'perfect Chinese daughter' to Communist Party critic, why Vicky Xu is exposing China to scrutiny

"If something happens to me you know I've been murdered."
It's a joke journalist Vicky Xiuzhong Xu makes in her stand-up comedy routine, but the reality is she's had a lot of death threats.
Key points
  • Xu says she studied at a uni that "cultivates TV personalities who are politically loyal" with impeccable English
    • Her mindshift came when she interviewed Chinese dissidents in Australia
    • Xu was behind recent expose on forced Uyghur labour in factories across China supplying brands such as Nike and Apple
She was, not so long ago, a model Chinese citizen; loyal to her government and its ideology.
At university in Beijing, she was training to become an English-language broadcaster, politely presenting state-approved news to the world.
Today, firebrand journalist Xu challenges just about every Western stereotype of a typical Chinese student. She's outspoken, edgy, disarmingly frank and loud, and her disillusionment with the Communist Party has been so complete that at the age of only 25 there may be no way back for Xu.