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Jun 27, 2010
Chaucer Energy Limited is an Australian public company established to pursue the development of commercial ISG facilities.

ISG is a process whereby stranded coal deposits, which are too deep for conventional open cut mining methods, can be utilised through the injection and ignition of a pressurised oxidant (such as air or oxygen/steam) to convert the coal to Syngas. Syngas can then be burnt to produce electricity or converted by chemical processing into a number of products including urea and methanol.

The Company has identified 3 potential project areas in southern Chile. The Company (through its subsidiaries) holds Exploration Mining Concessions over the Maullin Project area, the Rio Perez Project area and the Isla Riesco Project area.

A JORC resource is yet to be established within any of the project areas and the Company intends to conduct exploration to confirm the viability of implementing a phased commercial ISG Power Project.

Subject to identifying a suitable coal deposit, and to satisfactory feasibility studies, relevant approvals and further funding, the Company intends to develop a phased commercial ISG Power Project generating up to 100 MW of electricity, initially starting with 3MW of electricity production.

It is anticipated that CHA will list on the ASX during December 2020.


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