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22 December 2005
There has been alot of hype around CAZ re: it's dispute. The company has alot of takeover potential too (especially from BHP) and is rumored already that CAZ has come out on top of RIO (re: Shovelanna)

Does anyone else see CAZ continuing it's debut on the way to 2.40 and above?
I am considering purschasing more tommorow and would be willing to pay anything for it.

MalteseBull said:
I am considering purschasing more tommorow and would be willing to pay anything for it.


Good luck...the market loves people who will part readily with their hard earned.

Hi folks,

Thought this may be of interest here, as well ..... :)

CAZ ..... as requested on another forum, here's some
astroanalysis for this stock, which shows some extreme
negativity in the months ahead:

16012006 ..... significant and negative news

23-24012006 ..... significant and negative move ???

02022006 ..... significant news (positive ???)

07022006 ..... spotlight on CAZ

14-16022006 ..... minor and finance-related???

From 18022006-to-29032006 there may be VERY STRONG
underlying negative sentiment for this company. During
that period, we may see some key dates, on:

20022006 ..... minor news???

09032006 ..... minor

15032006 ..... minor

24-27032006 ..... 2 positive cycles here ..... finance-related???


That STRONG negative cycle should re-appear from
29092006-to-03102006, as well.

happy trading


RichKid said:
Good luck...the market loves people who will part readily with their hard earned.
Rich Kid....I just read an article by Mr Tim Treadgold....its in the BRW november issue2005 24-30.....he wrote Rios costly blunder...he explained what happened...but he also warned as the Tenament has not been awarded that the legal process may get drawn out by years...I did not buy any stock as should the tenament NOT get awarded...the door will not be wide enough to stem the traders trying to sell..I am waiting I may not make as much $$$$ but no tenaments, and the stock will be worth 5 everyone must make their oqwn decisions but read what Tim wrote..I am waiting.... :2twocents

Hi folks,

CAZ - as per post above on 03012006,
ticking up nicely today, on anticipated
positive news ... on 07022006 ... ??? ... :)

happy days


I read some of tim threadgolds stuff too and i think the guy has NFI.. I would put little value into anything he says..

extremely biased i hold hehe
I heard new Premier Alan Carpenter on ABC radio this morning.
He was asked how long he thought the whole RIO vs CAZ issue would go on for.
His answer.....
As long as it takes.

It is still in the hands of the state solicitors and judging by how long this is taking, I reckon it could go either way.

Too risky for me.
:eek: :eek:
HI this is my first post i have no direct interest in caz but the words being bandied around are ""trading halt ! ''' tues morning .GOOD LUCK!
I think the chance to get into caz has passed.. holders are either about to do very well or get completely burned...

RIO's appeal centers around minister discretionary powers based on 'public interest' (s111)

As far as the public has been made aware RIO's arguement claims they had intent to renew the lease and it was a courier company that made the mistake and RIO should not be punished for that.. To be overly simplistic sympathy for RIO is not a 'public interest' arguement.. From my (limited) understanding to return it to RIO under s111 would be a monumentuous stretch of those powers...

points of interest

* CAZ has demonstrated thier determination and ability to bring the resource into production...

* CAZ has signed a mou with BHP to sell the ore at the mine gate or alternatively mine the two resource together as they are adjoining.. The practically of this is staggering as it would be very unlikely that shovelanna would be mined by RIO, it would more likely be traded for with BHP for some other ground or arrangement.. its only of strategic value to RIO.... This is simply not public interest...

* RIO has let the tennent lapse before, theyv'e also had other lapses recently which didn't result in another shovelanna situation.. If i recall a few months back RIO was advertising for a WA tennent managers position..

*RIO applied for exemption of required expenditure 11 out of 16 years of holding the tenement... Apparently Thier is a strong "use it or lose" principle in regards to locking up valueable resrouces

*It wasn't a midnight pegging as such thier was a whole 4 days the lease was vacant.. CAZ have done nothing wrong they pegged vacant land.. They legally hold the land..

People argueing for RIO continually point to the amount of revenue RIO generate for the government .. they assert that RIO's size and power will ultimately have the minister return shovelanna to RIO.. I'm hanging onto my caz over the decision and an believing the minister will have integrity in his decision making...

A loss for RIO will be more of an embarassment and will have little or no effect on the share price.. CAZ on the other hand will plummet.. Last week RIO made an announcement about the significant cost of letting other companies use thier rail infastructure... Have no idea how that will pan out but heres a chance to at least ensure one more company can exist outside of the RIO/BHP duopoly..

I'm obviously biased here but i feel if most of the public knew all the details they would be barracking for the underdog to come out on top..

Lets see what tuesday brings...

Disclaimer: the above is to the best of my knowledge important information was bound to of been left out.. any assertions made should be verified with ones own research.. seek professional advice
Spotty thier was a strong rumour that thursday was the day according to the media..

12th april

Iron ore hopeful Cazaly Resources raced ahead 22.5c to $A2.09 on speculation a decision on its dispute with Rio Tinto could be handed down Thursday.

As no decision was released it could have been a false rumour but seemed a little to specific to have no merit... This is pure speculation on my part but I wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement first thing on Tuesday, IF the decision has been made in favour of CAZ the company may of been given the option and requested the decision be withheld from the public untill tuesday - gaining maximum market exposure.. If the decision went against caz im sure it would have been released after market on thursday.. Probably way off but it helps me sleep over the easter break 8)
spottygoose said:
Welcome Stiger. "Bandied around" where?
Thank you spottygoose Iam like yourself pretty new to this stuff but the info is freely available on the net.Irepeat there is no direct interest from me in caz SO have fun ! :)
I hope you are right Tarnor!!

Thanks Stigor, I knew that info. was around on the net was just hoping you had heard it from a more reliable source as I am a CAZ holder.

Good luck to all that hold, let is hope Tuesday is the day that Justice is served!

Travesty of justice!
It was a win all along for RIO who operated behind closed doors
Put a gag on the media
and made a submission that the investing public would never get a hold of.
It reeks of bs
What has Bowler got to lose he's probably made a nice deal with RIO setting him up for life whether or not his decision is scrutinized in the courts or he's forced to step down!

And what of Carpenter - he was leaking investment advice early last year insinuating all CAZ holders were gamblers. Seems he was in RIo's pockets a long time ago.

Perhaps being in Rio's pockets gave him a hot seat to the top job....

I'm so disappointed for all those people who held out on law and justice prevailing.

This decision stinks!

Perhaps being in Rio's pockets gave him a hot seat
It is not over yet .Why did the sneaks do it on a Friday night .To avoid media attention .This is going to open an amazing can of worms and heads will roll.
Carpenter and Bowler were never impartial! The reason the decision took so long is because they had to find a way to make it go Rio's way!

If there are substantial holders I would suggest you contact the Australian Shareholders Association because everything about this govt decision stinks! They are known to conduct shareholder class actions.

I really hope the media get onto this , and I hope its not over! :confused:

I really had faith in Caz and to me the case was open and shut.

I had designs on seeing them through but twice I had to sell out because of Carpenter's spooking followed hot on the heels by Bowlers, ridiculing the investors of CAZ as mere gamblers, claiming it was a 50 50 decision. To all those that had followed the case it was never 50/50 it was 100/1 in favour of CAZ.
Hi pussy.. glad your not sinking the boot in, some other boards are terrible

You've called it spot on im afraid

thier was some serious money tied up in this people with a very strong grasp on the leaglities and principles at play in the industry..

i'm a little shocked.. i hope caz takes this all the way its simply scandalous.

I'v been hit pretty hard i'm afraid.. i might post more in the morning..