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Calling Any Traders In Perth, WA

May 11, 2018
Hi Guys, Is there any traders/investors on here that live in Perth, or northern suburbs of Perth that have experience in trading or investing?

If so and are willing to offer help and advice, please let me know as I am after some local help.

Jun 22, 2014
Hi Mr_D,
I leave in Perth and I have started a forum for options trading in Perth. I would like to share my experiences and trading ideas with other people. I have attended some meetup trading groups in Perth but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, the majority of the meetings I attended, was somebody trying to sell something.

I have been trading since 2001 mainly with stocks and 5 years ago I moved to trade with options (USA market). I have some automatic systems as well but the majority of my trading is with options (Butterflies, Iron Condors, Earnings, etc..)

If you like the idea, take a loot to I just started it 5 days ago.

I would like to create a trading club with the idea of a journey from the basics concepts to the income trading. And sharing experiences, trading ideas, etc.

I have started writing some post the subjects I am going to write are:

  • What is an option contract
  • Prime, Strike, underline, breakeven
  • ITM, ATM, OTM,
  • Options Exercise, introduction to Greeks and margin requirements
  • Open interest, losses and benefits, institutional orders
  • Market agents - Hedge funds, market markets
  • Buying a call, selling a call
  • Earning money selling calls
  • Buying a put, being bearish using puts
  • Selling puts. Understanding what selling puts means
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic value
  • Basic calculations
  • Understanding Risk
  • Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega)
  • Different type of Orders
  • Managing risk (Risk graph tools)
  • Managing positions and risks
  • Strategies with options (Introduction)
  • Calendar Spreads
  • What are options spreads
  • Debit spreads
  • Making money with Spreads
  • Income trading Introduction
  • Advanced strategies for income trading - Iron Condors
  • Advanced strategies for income trading - Butterflies
  • Creating your own trade and strategy
  • Trading earnings with options

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