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BSN - Basin Energy

27 June 2010
Basin Energy Limited (BSN) is an early stage mineral exploration and development company focused on uranium projects located in Canada.

The Company holds interests in the Marshall, Geikie and North Millennium Projects. Each of the Projects are prospective uranium exploration projects, strategically located in near proximity to pre-eminent high grade operating mines and significant discoveries within the world class Athabasca basin.

Following its IPO, the Company's primary focus will be to explore the Projects using a variety of geochemical, geophysical and drilling techniques to create value for Shareholders through the discovery and development of mineral deposits.

The Company aims to progress from an explorer, subject to the results of its exploration activities, technical studies and availability of appropriate funding, into development and ultimately into a producer.

It is anticipated that BSN will list on the ASX during September 2022.

A slow slump, since listing. Market cap about $10 million

Curious - how long would you watch new floats before even considering them?
Are there any robust indicators to look for?
BSN - Basin Energy is my January pick.

They are focused on Uranium in the Athabasca Basin(Hence the name) in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Saskatchewan should be a familiar name for any old The Guess Who fans.

I like the focus, they haven't spread themselves thin over multiple jurisdictions.

Board and management read well for a small company.

EV is low and they have cash on hand.

Winter drilling is due to start mid-February, so I may be a month early, we'll see.

Lowell Resources funds Management have a small holding in BSN as at end October.

As an aside, Lowell's December presentation has a couple of interesting graphs on pgs 12,13.