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Benefit from Fed QE?

Joules MM1

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10 June 2007
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How do you play the inflation trade best? Gold, silver or other commodities?

erm......wot inflation ?

how much has the fed bought and is still buying ?

how much is the cost of debt? very cheap compared to historic standards, yet, most companies are sitting on a pile of cash theyre not spending and the banks on a pile of cash they refuse to loan to a public who refuse to, where's the expected inflation? how many years before we get thru never-never land

the re-inflation game is not working....the Bernank has been one of the most reactively proactive Fed chairs in history and his/their theory of re-inflation by pumping cheapness into the "system" has only produced ridiculous deposit interest rates.......again, where's the inflation?

gold/silver is not an inversion to inflation...there simply is no inflation let alone this baloney about is a reversion of fear that there might be inflation......crickets chirping....