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BBOZ - BetaShares Australian Equities Strong Bear Hedge Fund

Hit 52 week low this afternoon. Wondering if this is the turning point for our market, eg will we have a breakout?

Interest rate decision tomorrow morning at 6am
Bought a parcel of BBOZ this morning. Thinking that the banks can't continue going higher and BHP, RIO, TLS are all down and out of favour. Another rate rise would do me in and the irrepressible US markets won't help. R:R looks acceptable here.
What is a parcel?
I normally position size using the fixed fraction model and I risk 1% of account. Occasionally this model indicates that I need to invest too much, so in these situations I limit the pos size to a max size which I call a parcel. A speculative parcel is 3% of account and my max size is 15%. Similar to your heavy and light sails Capt.

This position in BBOZ I bought at 2.90 and placed my SL at 2.80 in case the market makes a new high. This tight SL limits my position size to the max 15% parcel rather than the 30% calculated by the FF method.