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Australians urged to protect hearing

Jul 11, 2005
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Quote from National Nine News

Aug 20 2006

Australians are being warned that everyday activities, like mowing the lawn and listening to music, can affect their hearing just as much as workplace noise.
Launching Hearing Awareness Week, federal Human Services Minister Joe Hockey said hearing damage, like skin damage, related to the intensity of the noise and the length of time of exposure.
"People shouldn't imagine for a moment that it is only workplace noise that has an effect on your hearing," Mr Hockey said.
"The ear cannot distinguish between noise produced by work activities and noise produced by leisure activities, even though leisure noise may bring a lot of pleasure."
Mr Hockey said Australians must learn to preserve, conserve and protect their hearing because exposure to harmful levels of noise could cause irreversible damage.
"If you are like me then you love listening to your music loud," he said.
"But people need to remember when listening to music: if you can't hear someone (next to you) speak then it is too loud and it's causing damage."
Hearing Awareness Week starts on Sunday and runs to August 26.

If you hear somebody talk very loud all the time, it is almost certain that their hearing is impaired.

Biggest problem is how to break the news?