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August 2023 Stock Competition Entries!

End of Week 3 in the August Tipping Comp. XSO is down -2.95% and the ASF Team Average is down -5.99%. @Telamelo is losing a little loose change out of his hip pocket this month o_O.

@Captain_Chaza BIO 16.28% has come back towards the pack this week but still holds onto 1st Place. :xyxthumbs

@Miner AKM 13.95% is showing the Team which way to go and has moved into 2nd Place. :xyxthumbs

@peter2 NIS 10.17% grabbed back 3rd Place today after a dip yesterday :xyxthumbs and is now followed closely by @greggles KAI 8.33% and @access SMN 8.11%.

Good luck over the next 2 weeks everyone and make sure you enjoy the weekend Folks. :)

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Sad to see that the 4 ex pats are now languishing in the centre region of the red red brigade.
lookout @Sdajii and GG looks like i am coming down to visit ( and still with cash to buy my tip )
We're making very competitive efforts to connect with that wooden spoon, but it looks like Iggy Pop likely has it this month. Honestly, I'm financially bleeding badly lately, some risky moves on my part have not gone well. Still better than the situation I was in three years ago, I suppose.
Now I am back in Oz The Thai political situation has been solved.
Gold up 1%.... Might see a late run KCN?