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ASX peak oil portfolio

15 March 2011
Hi, long time reader.

I've finally managed some savings and would like to keep them safe, maybe even with a little growth through the bumpy plateau I believe the next 5 years will be

I'm an Australian. I've come across a couple portfolio recommendations that I'd like to go with but they all list US stocks/funds/etfs:

1st portfolio:
Stocks 70%
Trad energy XLE 17.5%
Alternative energy PBW+PKN 17.5%
Materials XLB 17.5%
Precious Metals GDX 17.5%

Commodities: 30%
Crude Oil USL or XOP15%
Gol GLD 10%
Silver SLV 5%

2nd portfolio: (as from will martin at
Country ETFs - 50%
Australia - 10% - EWA
Brazil - 10% - EWZ
Canada - 10% - EWC
Norway and Scandinavia - 10% - GXF
Russia - 10% - RSX
Commodity ETFs - 20%
Agriculture - 5% - DBA
Gold - 5% - GLD
Silver - 5% - SLV
Industrial Metals - 5% - RJZ
Energy ETFs - 30%
Oil - 20% - VDE
Coal - 5% - KOL
Renewable Energy - 5% - PBD

Can anyone help and offer this newbie suggestions as to how to implement something similar to the above on the ASX?
Dude seriously.

If you want to punt on oil/etc via ASX stocks then i suggest you buy oil/gas stocks.
Buy companies that are sitting on large reserves of energy and have demonstrated that they are successfully able to pump it out of the ground and sell it.
i hold BPT ( 'free-carried' ) , WDS and TEG although NHC has minor exposure to oil also

i would suggest that return is a bit late , as i suspect rising costs will eat into those profits , now if we are talking about stocks close to production where a clever investor can spot potential value not already priced into the share price ( and that clever oil/gas investor is not me )