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ASM - Australian Strategic Materials

Discussion in 'Stocks 0-H' started by Dona Ferentes, May 20, 2020.

  1. Dona Ferentes

    Dona Ferentes

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    Jan 11, 2016
    The board of Alkane has resolved to progress the demerger of Australian Strategic Materials Limited (ASM) and listing ASM on the ASX, subject to finalisation of outstanding regulatory matters and shareholder approval at an Alkane Shareholder Meeting expected to be convened in early July 2020. ASM is currently anticipated to list in mid-July 2020.

    If the Demerger Resolution is approved by Alkane shareholders at the Shareholder Meeting, Eligible Shareholders will receive one (1) ASM share for every five (5) Alkane shares held on the Record Date.

    • Australian Strategic Materials Ltd (ASM) is an emerging producer of value add metals and oxides products
    • Established in 2000, historically a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Alkane Resources Ltd and holding company for the Dubbo Project
    • ASM to be standalone listed entity in early July 2020 (subject to shareholder resolution)
    • Cash of A$20 million (1 April 2020) and no debt
    • Project located 400km northwest of Sydney; Land and resource wholly owned

    Critical minerals are:
    • Noted as critical by all major manufacturing nations
    • Essential to national economy + security
    • Vulnerable to supply disruptions, e.g. COVID19
    • Essential to new and green technologies

    Zirconium, Rare Earth Elements, Niobium and Hafnium are critical for:
    1. Clean energy and reduced emissions (e.g. EV’s, renewables)
    2. High-Tech Products (e.g. phones, tablets)
    3. Health & Well-being Products (e.g. MRI, replacement joints)
    4. Aerospace & Manufacturing (e.g. jet engines)

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