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Most liked posts in thread: Amibroker vs. Insight Trader

  1. frugal.rock

    frugal.rock "Time weight's on man"

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    May 3, 2019
    Seems to me you have answered your own question?
    Haven't used either, but you can't go past the support available on the forum for Amibroker.
    Bit like buying a new cheap car with the dealer being miles away, after sales support /warranty is hard and time consuming?
    However, there may be another forum active for Insight Trader, there's a forum or multiples of, for everything these days!
    Is it active though?
    Best of all, the support here is FREE... ! ;)
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  2. Sir Burr

    Sir Burr

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    Feb 15, 2006
    I've used both. Things might have changed but a highlight of Insight Trader you could backtest fundamentals easily as you download data automatically but I only had a brief look at fundamentals and moved on from Insight Trader.

    Think original reason I moved was Amibroker is cheap with a big userbase. It had a great Yahoo Group at the time but now has a dedicated forum and Thomasz (owner) listens to user requests and regularly updates the software. There is loads of code out already written to play with and if fundamental data is your thing there are ways to backtest that too.

    These days I have no idea if they have different functions but I'd at least compare that before deciding. Also, what the upgrade policy is between them.

    You can see here the continuous Amibroker updates: http://www.amibroker.com/devlog/?s=upgrade
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