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Joe Blow

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May 28, 2004
Authorised Investment Fund Limited (AIY), formerly Wine Investment Fund Limited (WIF), is registered under the Pooled Development Funds Act 1992 (Cth) (PDF Act). The principal activities of the company are involved in the provision of passive equity capital to certain eligible small and medium-sized Australian companies in accordance with the provisions of the PDF Act.
Jun 12, 2016
Authorised Investment fund Ltd, ASX code AIY

AIY is rapidly becoming a Very Interesting Business Accelerator

About AIY; as an Australian "Pooled Investment Fund" a business accelerator that has major Australian tax benefits in the form of a 15% corporate tax rate and investors pay no tax on dividends or share trading profits. (See AIY website for details).

AIY is making (Typically 20-30%) passive investments in a range of diverse Australia-based, businesses, many with large potential future revenue streams.

AIY is assembling equity in an increasing group of potential high-growth, sustainable and more ecologically sound, hi-tech and materials businesses, that could radically improve the health and well-being of people everywhere.

The AIY investment team will be happy to Uber entire industries if it is potentially for the greater good of mankind.

Build Greener Things That Matter

It is high time for creative capital to flow to new emerging sustainable businesses for the rapidly emerging One Peaceful World of Free Citizens, making a more fulfilling world civilization empowered by creative, laissez-faire capitalist countries and diverse societies.

Some new investments - partners and their websites;

Sterling Sapphire Technologies Project.
AIY has a 20% equity interest in the Sterling Sapphire Technologies Project.

Potential Sapphire Glass Hi-Tech Products

Possible Product A; 99.99% High Purity Alumina Feedstock (HPA) for making artificial sapphire glass smartphone and tablet screens.

Possible Product B;

Approximately 300-500 million smartphone screens per year to possibly fit next generation Huawei, Microsoft, Xiomi and-or Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.
AIY also has a 20% equity in new R&D Project to produce Larger Sapphire glass Screens for;
• Safer, more durable solar panel glass.
• Safer, Car and Aircraft windows.
• Other Industrial applications for toughened glass screens.

Carrier Generation Six, (CG6) (AIY 20% equity)

AIY has a 20% equity interest in CG6 SE-Asia Services Franchise; CG6 plans to deliver super-fast internet beamed direct to your smartphone, car, boat or plane, from low earth orbit space, where latency is virtually non-existent.

AIY’s SE-Asia Franchise Equity in CG6, is a potential multi billion dollar p.a, wholesale wireless marketplace.

CG6 is planned to become the world’s future largest capacity global wireless wholesale network. A more consumer-secure, much larger capacity, possibly BRICS-funded, encrypted global wireless network delivered from LEO space.

Alpha-Voltaic Batteries Technologies (AVB)
Free the world from the tyranny of wall-plugs and wires!


The global energy paradigm is rapidly transforming from fossil fuels to sustainable energy resources, including thorium, solar, wind, and geothermal energies.
The most important spec on any portable gadget—phone, tablet, laptop, watch—isn’t processor speed or a pixel-packed display. It’s how long you can use it before it becomes a blank brick in need of an outlet.

The basic lithium ion battery that we use today hasn’t changed dramatically since Sony first started selling them to consumers in 1991. Economies of scale and various tweaks along the way have helped improve efficiency about 10 percent a year, but that still makes lithium ion a relative tortoise in a world more accustomed to progress in Moore’s Law-style leaps. It’s no wonder we’re all hungry for a major breakthrough.

AVB is launching a new initiative to commercialize Alpha-Particles excited Micro-Battery technology.

We aim to develop an ALPHA-VOLTAIC battery technology that is absolutely safe, super-green, and cost-efficient, while delivering energy density comparable to commercial lithium ion batteries, and deliver green electric power for a million times longer.

Aims; develop 1.5 to 3 volt Alpha Voltaic Batteries Packaged in existing micro battery sizes,,, but delivering safe energy without recharging, for 5-10 years or longer!

A potential lithium battery alternative!

We will be forming alliances, partnerships and collaborations with institutes, university labs, companies and inventors who are focusing on the development of new materials for more clean sustainable energy.

Timeline; We hope to spend the next 18 months to 2 years to commercialization mass production and first global sales.

Small cheap micro Alpha Voltaic Batteries might be just the ticket to help bring people trapped in remote communities everywhere into the globally connected information-rich Free, Democratic, Creative future world. A world where everyone will have access to free online schools in their own language, (and a global language), e-medicine, online communities, and everywhere e-commerce opportunities.

Imagine a smartphone or tablet or any other small device that comes with no recharging wires and a ten year power supply built in. Good luck selling a smartphone that still needs wires and wall plugs, if a Alpha-Voltaic battery technology becomes widely available.

MY-VAULT, (AIY 20-30% equity)
My-Vault Asset Storage and transaction App Project.

A secure private, non spy-able financial transactions app with lower costs.

My-Vault will use the latest iterations of super-secure block-chain software to create a truly un-hackable physical asset storage service and secure software to enable large to micro, financial transactions, for an possible eventual 2-3 billion Australian and Asian clients. Clients will range from backpackers with less than $1,000 in savings, to global businesses, to billionaires floating on the high seas, to governments.

Why trade on ChiX?
I suggest that investors might want to instruct their broker to switch to Chi-X to execute trades. CHi-X promotes better fairness and transparency in the way it is regulated. The ASX often arbitrarily puts artificial caps on the amount that smaller company shares can go up in any one day to 1/10 of a cent. Thus often artificially distorting the market and penalizing shareholders.