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27 June 2010
Australian Critical Minerals Limited holds interests in six (6) projects, the Cooletha, Shaw, Rankin Dome, Beverley, Kondinin and Kojonup Projects (together, the Projects) located in the Pilbara and Southwest Goldfields Regions of Western Australia (specifically, the South-West and Youanmi Terranes). The Company considers the Projects to be prospective for lithium, tantalum, gold, iron ore, rare earth oxides and kaolin.

Work programs have been prepared corresponding to the granted tenements. The work programs envisage immediate drilling on the more advanced Rankin Dome Project and the Beverley Project. The Cooletha and Shaw Projects, will be subjected to systematic exploration including follow-up of currently identified targets, mapping, sampling, geophysics integration then subsequent drilling.

It is anticipated that ACM will list on the ASX during July 2023.

ACM brought in a new board ✅, raised capital✅, acquired some leases✅, listed✅.

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Cooletha Lithium Project Sampling and Rankin Dome Drilling Update

• Phase 1 sampling at Cooletha completed with 251 rock samples collected
• One quarter of the granted tenure was investigated with the remainder to be accessed in coming months
• Four priority areas identified by the consulting geologist as having fractionation textures and spodumene.
• Individual pegmatites present as dykes and sills
• Pegmatite sills have an extent of up to 40m wide and 400m long
• Billy Creek Pegmatites observed to dip into and below the basal unconformity of the Fortescue Group which substantially increases the available lithium pegmatite target size
• Reverse circulation drilling planned to test this new potentially substantial target
• Manganese rich shales 30cm to 1m thick identified near the base of the extensive Fortescue Group in Eastern Cooletha

Rankin Dome:
• Shallow Auger sampling program completed with 249 holes
• 900m Reverse Circulation Drilling currently in progress
• Auger samples submitted to laboratory with results pending

Managing Director, Dean de Largie said, “We are pleased to update our shareholders of the encouraging observations from the Cooletha Project. Our field investigations have increased the potential area of prospectivity for lithium pegmatites, identified four prospects described as having large pavements of pegmatites and identified shale-hosted manganese.

"Whilst lithium exploration will remain our priority, the addition of manganese to our portfolio of green energy commodities will be received well by our shareholders. As foreshadowed previously, Rankin Dome has progressed further with additional shallow auger sampling completed and RC drilling currently in progress."
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