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May 28, 2004
Australian Bauxite Limited (ABZ) is an exploration company that holds the core of the Eastern Australian Bauxite Province with 26 tenements in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania covering over 6,500 km2.


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Jun 20, 2007
Re: ABZ - Australian Bauxite

Goulburn–Taralga Bauxite Resource up by 50% – 38 Million Tonnes
• 37.9 million tonnes of thick, gibbsite-rich bauxite resources at Taralga, southern NSW
• Pre-feasibility studies expanded for Goulburn Bauxite Project due to thick bauxite discovered in February-March 2012. This resource upgrade includes the first thick zone.
• Based on 890 drill holes into less than two-thirds of the identified bauxite target areas at Taralga only
• 53% of total identified bauxite resources is DSO grade
• Pre Feasibility Study Metallurgical Tests confirmed that the remaining 47% of total identified bauxite resources, called PDM-DSO bauxite, contains dense, hard, magnetic emery nodules that are easily recovered by gravity screening for sale, leaving the remaining 70% light fraction as DSO grade bauxite
• The thick bauxite discovered in February-March 2012 is being explored along strike. A new record true thickness of 38 metres of continuous bauxite was intersected in hole TG707. Other thick zones were identified and drilled deeper for this resource upgrade

Binjour Bauxite Resource Increased 46% to 24.5 Million Tonnes
Company resources grow to 106 million tonnes
• 24.5 million tonnes of thick, gibbsite-rich bauxite resources at Binjour, central QLD
• Based on 517 drill holes into less than 25% of the identified bauxite layer
• Huge bauxite mineralisation - indentified bauxite layer extends over entire 44 square kilometre Binjour Plateau

Metallurgical Results Encouraging: Silica Gel Removal to Expand DSO Bauxite Resources
In the last 6 months, preliminary metallurgical tests have been conducted by a clay processing engineer who found that the silica gel substance was easily removed by a simple, low-cost washing procedure that may become a proprietary technology. The gel is soft and only loosely adhered to the bauxite, which allows for easy liberation when washed, leaving a recovered bauxite that is low-silica, high alumina DSO Grade Bauxite.
Work is continuing to develop a standard sample preparation protocol for future analysis of the silica gel-bearing bauxite samples by commercial laboratories so that large tracts of the bauxite layer can be included in future resource estimations.

JORC Compliant Resource Statements
The following are Joint Ore Reserve Code (“JORC”)-compliant Public Reports released to the ASX declaring the JORC resources referred to.
08/05/2012 ASX Inverell JORC Resource Update, 38.0 Million Tonnes
30/05/2012 ASX Taralga Bauxite Resource Increased 50% to 37.9 Million Tonnes
15/08/2011 ASX Maiden Guyra Resource, 6.0 Million Tonnes
29/07/2012 ASX Binjour Maiden Resource, 24.5 Million Tonnes



Jun 27, 2010
On July 4th, 2014, Australian Bauxite Limited changed its ASX code from ABZ to ABX.

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