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ABC Bias Against AFL and League


Apathetic at Best
Aug 27, 2014
I have put up with it long enough, but finally I have to say I am fed up with my taxpayer money being spent on the "breakfast Show" pushing the soccer agenda.

This morning the sports section was once again lead and dominated by the "beautiful world game" (sic) which is double annoying for me because I think news should be about news, not boring sports reporting. AFL and League are second tier to soccer at the ABC it seems.

I want to know what is so "beautiful" about kicking a ball around a paddock with screaming fans ready to rip each others' throats out if the score goes pear shaped. I played the game at school while also playing oz rules and "beautiful" was far from what soccer is .... it is quite frankly boring on and off field. Likewise AFL and League aren't good lookers either, unless you are a woman or gay. :D

I'm guessing David Gallop has mates in the right places?
Mar 26, 2014
Yes good point. There is too much sport on the 'Breakfast Show' especially soccer which I don't think many people in this country give a stuff about anyway.

You're right, soccer is deadly boring except when a goal is scored which only happens a few times in a game anyway.

AFL for me (not that I'm gay you understand), I grew out of Thugby League a long time ago.
Jan 5, 2009
I have noticed this trend myself , who cares about the results of last nights English Premier results ?
I have put it down to two possible reasons.
A. The ABC have to pay rights to show certain AFL / NRL footage , Soccer footage may be cheaper and their sibling SBS have access to that game.
B. The ABC are keeping within there world view and trying to please new comers to Australia that follow the World game and not confuse or offend them by showing sports that have an Australian or NRL bias only. :2twocents

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