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Mar 22, 2017
Sorry Guys, I was recouping losses for last couple of years andalways make back on scu and psy type of runs. I didn't know where to post so I did here. if you could kindly help me post wherever needed it would be much appreciated.

Thought I would share with all of you. not sure if you guys are also watching CAE today, its bounce time. MACD -=TA about to cross over. Weak hands are out and gap is closed. If you wish to get back in its up to you, I will be buying on way up and then watch closely.
Gold is still on uptrend, and seems to be this mornings churn weak hands are out. Once 3 c area is cleared, this will run hard. We had a substantial holder out yesterday however there does not seem to be a reason why hence why this will most likely hold its gains today.

Yesterday it had an odd pump but then it was dumped by a old share holder however, there was a positive ann two days ago. Weak hands traded this morning and now its on its way up. Re rate is prominent and likely. It holding the 3 cent area and now moving up along with TA ticking off means that Its now safer to enter and load up on the way up

Kindest Regards

and enjoy CAE!

Other stocks may of interest and I will post after I get my TA confirmation are MXC, EPT, SCU - Risky so I will post once risk is down).

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