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  1. rogblack

    Gold backed Yuan will dilute USD Petrodollar

    For gold traders. We are in a new world as of this week. China is the world's biggest oil importer. As Trump threatens China's trade with the US China enters a new contract to pay for oil with a gold backed Yuan. This will circumvent the use of the USD (the petrodollar since 1973) from an oil...
  2. C

    China Accelerates Stimulus: 1 Trillion Yuan Lent in June 2012

    Hey Guys The Chinese are accelerating their stimulus measures with bank lending set to almost double this month to a massive 1Trillion Yuan or $160Billion. You would expect continued additional stimulus measures to be announced in the months ahead! We need to remember that the ASX...
  3. D

    China revalues Yuan

    China has revalued its Yuan peg to the US dollar and will . This could mean that they won't be buying as much USD's so support for it could evaporate. In my opinion, this could cause inflation in the US and I don't think that it will cause a decrease in the deficit. This could cause the...